Governing Documents

The constitution and By-Law manuals of the society outline the basic organization, scope and role of the Engineering Society, while the Policy Manual outlines procedures and supported activities. Together they form the guidelines that govern the operation of the Engineering Society.

The constitution of the Engineering Society may be amended by a referendum, or at an Annual or General Meeting of the members. The By-Law manual may be amended through two readings. The first reading must always occur on an odd council meeting of the semester (meeting 1, meeting 3, meeting 5 etc), with the second reading occurring during the even weeks. The Policy manual may be amended every week.

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Queen’s Engineering Society Policy Manual

Queen’s Engineering Society By-law Manual


Appendix A – Discipline Club Constitutions (ZIP)

Appendix B –

Appendix C – Design Team Charters

Appendix D – QPID Constitution

Appendix E – Youth Action Program

Appendix F – Classified Information Request System

Candidate Rules for the 2017 EngSoc General Election