Queen’s Network Security Team (NETSEC)

Queen’s Network Security is a team made primarily of ECE and Computer Science students who learn, discuss, and safely practice network security concepts, but students of any faculty are welcome!. Some of these topics include networking protocols, reverse engineering and intrusion detection systems. These topics were hosted as weekly, interactive lectures leading up to the team’s in-house competition.

In the 2017 Winter term, NETSEC staged an in-house competition built with a custom, secure VPN service with four servers. The objective of this competition was to steal the most tokens from the opposing team’s virtual machines. With this being the first tournament for the team, NETSEC hopes to host another tournament and invite some neighbouring schools for a greater competitive experience.

With network security’s popularity in current events, NETSEC seeks to educate members on how to properly develop and test network systems with an analytical and ethical mindset. For any students that want to up their skills as a software developer or learn about the ever-growing network security industry, feel free to join our weekly meetings.


Contact Information

E-mail: netsec@engsoc.queensu.ca
Website: Coming soon!
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Dean