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 Check this page often for the many ways in which you can get involved. Most applications are available using the new online application system (click below), however some will still appear here.

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FREC and Plant Applications 2017

A note on eligibility: to be eligible to apply to be a FREC, you must be in your first year of Engineering (an upgrade may be in their 2nd year of University, but their 1st year of Engineering). To be eligible to apply to be a Plant, you can not have been an orientation week leader previously (this includes FREC and Plant).

Engineering Society Interview Guide

Interview Guide

Position Descriptions

Are you applying for a position and interested in learning more? Check out the position descriptions below!

Alumni Relations Chair

BED Fund Coordinator

Committee on Alumni Relations

Engineering Health and Wellness Center Events Coordinator

EngLinks Marketing Manager

EngLinks Resource Manager

EngLinks Tutors

EngVents Chair

EngVents ILC Escape Room

EngVents Marketing

EngVents Thunderballz

EngWeek All Ages

EngWeek Karaoke

EngWeek Marketing

EngWeek Treasurer

EngWeek Thundersledz



Graphic Design Manager

Industry Relations Chair

Graphic Designer

Industry Relations Committee

Internal Records Officer

Movember Chair

Movember Marketing


Videography Manager

Photography Manager

Manager Application Reference Materials:

Engineering Society Head Manager Proposal Guide

Engineering Society Assistant Manager Portfolio Plan Guide

QCBT Executive Applications

QCBT Executive Application

QCBT Executive Position Descriptions

CEEC Co-Chair Applications

CEEC Co-Chair Application