Queen’s Shell Eco-Vehicle Team (QEVT)

Salam QEVTThe Queen’s Eco-Vehicle Team (QEVT) is a new design team that designs, manufactures, and races prototype and concept vehicles in pursuit of attaining new heights in fuel efficiency. Utilizing both established (gasoline & diesel) and alternative (electric battery, fuel cell, etc) energy sources, the team is committed to competing with the world’s best and developing vehicles with mileages in excess of 1000 miles per gallon. QEVT entered its first competition, The Shell Eco-Marathon Americas, this April in Texas and had one of the best results of a new team. In its inaugural year, QEVT won social media and learning event challenges and was also part of a 14 mini-segment television series which aired on Global TV. QEVT invites students of all years and faculties to join the team in redefining the limits of fuel consumption. If you are interested in getting involved this year, please contact the team.

Contact Information

e-mail: qevt@engsoc.queensu.ca
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/queensevt

Salman ECO