Queen’s Engineering Competition (QEC)

About QEC

logo2The Queen’s Engineering Competition (QEC) is an annual event that allows engineering students from different disciplines attending Queen’s University, to compete in a variety of engineering competition categories.

The Queen’s Engineering Competition showcases the innovation and creativity of Queen’s Engineering students, throughout a day of good-natured competition. The winners of each category are selected to compete at the Ontario Engineering Competition (OEC), where they compete for cash prizes and a chance to attend the Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC).

If you want to test your skills in a competitive AND fun environment, QEC has something for you! Everyone is welcome to participate in any of our six categories:

  • Junior Design
  • Senior Design
  • Engineering Communications
  • Parliamentary Debate
  • Consulting Engineering
  • Innovative Design

QEC 2013

This year, QEC will be held on November 16th (junior and senior design) and 17th (other categories). Theme is to be determined, and your ideas are all welcome! Registration will happen at the ILC in November.

Winners will qualify to compete at OEC 2014, held in Oshawa in February.

Breakdown of the Competition Categories

Below are descriptions of the different categories offered at QEC, and links to the OEC guidelines:

Junior Design

  • For first and second year students
  • Teams of up to 4 people
  • You will be given a problem, and you must design something, ‘buy’ materials, build your design, and test it!
  • You will also give a short presentation and judges will be marking for creativity, sustainability, and performance.
  • OEC guidelines available here: OECJuniorTeamDesignGuidelines 

Senior Design

  • For third and fourth year students
  • The same tasks as above but with a different problem!
  • OEC guidelines available here: OECSeniorTeamDesignGuidelines

Consulting Engineering

  • Open to everyone
  • Teams of up to 4 people
  • Solve an open-ended complex problem, and convince the clients (the judges!) that it is the best solution
  • OEC guidelines available here: OECConsultingEngineeringGuidelines

Engineering Communications

  • Open to everyone
  • Teams of up to 2 people
  • Present a technical topic, its different aspects, and discuss your opinion of it
  • Great opportunity to present a summer research project or your thesis!
  • OEC guidelines available here: OECEngineeringCommunicationsGuidelines

Parliamentary debate

  • Open to everyone
  • Teams of 2 people
  • Argue for or against a given resolution, practice thinking on your feet and outside of the box!
  • OEC guidelines available here: OECParliamentaryDebateGuidelines

Innovative design

  • Open to everyone
  • Teams of up to 4 people
  • Present a design you prepared prior to the competition
  • Perfect for any design project or design team!
  • OEC guidelines available here: OECInnovativeDesignGuidelines

Contact Information

e-mail: qec@engsoc.queensu.ca
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/QueensEngineeringCompetition

Canadian Federation ofEngineering Students/Canadian Engineering Competition: http://cfes.ca/events-and-services/cec/