Queen’s Energy and Commodities Association (QECA)

Queen’s Energy and Commodities Association


photo Queen’s Energy and Commodities Association (QECA) is a joint venture engineering-commerce association/club. It aims to showcase the relevance of the energy and commodity sectors to Commerce and Engineering Students (as with anyone else interested) – as Canada is uniquely poised among developed countries as a major producer of energy and raw materials, as well as being a leader in creating the technology used to develop its resources. QECA’s objective is to raise the profile of these industries at Queen’s through hosting presentations, socials, and industry speakers, highlighting opportunities and careers available in these industries. Please join QECA by applying for a position as an Eng Frosh Rep, or by simply dropping in on QECA presentations and socials to learn about the world of commodities.

Visit www.ca-online.com for more information or contact Robin Maedel at .