Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB Director Applications: Director Application 2014-2015

EWBLOGOEngineers Without Borders (EWB) is a national organization dedicated to addressing global economic and social inequalities. As the Queen’s Chapter of Engineers Without Borders, we look to expand upon the traditional education that we receive as Queens’ students. We advocate highlighting issues that extend beyond the boundaries of our current curricula, focusing on the complexity of development aid, stakeholder analysis, global realities and movements dedicated to the resolution of these issues. Internationally, we send one to two students abroad every year in our Junior Fellowship Program to work in EWB’s programs in Africa. These students are mandated to share their experiences with the Queen’s Chapter and Queen’s community upon completing the Fellowship. Locally, we work to expose the Queen’s campus to Fair Trade, aid transparency, and sustainable development. QEWB is spearheading the initiative to make Queen’s a Fair Trade designated campus and is currently working with multiple retailers to ensure they meet the required standards for this designation. QEWB is also active in bringing a global perspective to the Faculty of Engineering by making curriculum adjustments and working with professors. If you would like to get involved, come find us at Sidewalk Sale, Queen’s in the Park, and many other events during Frosh Week.

For more information email Kriti Kumar and Michelle Louie atand check out their Website

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