Engineering Society Clubs


The Engineering Society oversees the operation of a large group of student run clubs on campus. These clubs cover a large range of outreach initiatives. Below is a list of all of the clubs run within the engineering society.

EWB (Engineers Without Borders)
PAQE (Positive Allies and Queer’s in Engineering)
QECA (Queen’s Engineering and Commodities Association)
QPID (Queen’s Project on International Development)
WISE (Women in Science and Engineering)
QFRT (Queen’s First Robotics Team)
QIEEE) Queen’s University Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Student Club
(WEAO) Water Environment Association of Ontario
Queen’s Automated Poker Club
(QMAVT) Queen’s Micro Aerial Vehicle Team

For more information on any clubs, please feel free to contact the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Vice President of Student Affairs (See ‘Contact Us’ tab for current Vice President)