Frosh Week

Engineering Frosh Week is a fun-filled week designed to introduce incoming Applied Science students to the “renowned spirit and unrivaled excellence” Queen’s engineering is known for.

Day 1: Engineering students come together to celebrate their 1st day of orientation week

Throughout the week, first year students are introduced to the Queen’s campus, the Faculty of Applied Science, the Engineering Society, and the surrounding Kingston community in order to better prepare them for the years ahead. Skills and traditions are taught by the devoted Orientation Leaders (FRECs, i.e. Frosh Regulation Enforcement Committee) and the organizing committee (FREC Committee) through a variety of activities that test the endurance, teamwork, and enthusiasm of the incoming class. Eng Frosh Week is truly the most fun-filled week on campus and certainly not one you will want to miss!


Events such as Highland Games, Thudermugs, and the coveted Grease Pole are planned throughout the year and are entirely student organized. While all events are optional, we strongly suggest all Frosh attend and see what they are all about! Even if you choose not to participate, there is lots to see at each event and many people to meet along the way. Each student will have exposure to a devoted group of FRECs, the EngSoc Executive, the Alma-Mater Society, Faculty, and the administration throughout the week. First year students take what they learn during Frosh week and apply it to the many diverse situations they will encounter in their post-secondary career.

Registration Information

Make sure you do these 3 simple steps to sign up for Orientation Week and ensure that you can participate in what will likely be one of the best weeks of your life!

  1. Go to this website and login using your Queen’s NetID.
  2. After entering all of your personal information, you will receive a confirmation page. Keep your confirmation number on hand.
  3. You may pay online any time before Frosh Week or send your $150 payment to the Engineering Society via cheque so long as it is sent before Aug 24th in order for it to makes it on time

Bursary Information

Frosh Week Frosh Bursary Form

The 2015 Engineering Frosh Week costs $150. The Engineering Society will award bursaries for part of the amount to incoming students whom the Society deems requires financial assistance to participate in the week. The Society believes Orientation Week should be financially accessible to all incoming students.

There are only a limited number of bursaries and the bursaries will be awarded strictly on the basis of demonstrated financial need. Applications are due Sunday August 25th.

Orientation Chair Disclosure Agreement:

The information that you provide in the bursary form will be submitted to the Engineering Society of Queen’s University. This information will be used for the purposes of

Orientation Week, run by the Engineering Society, only. This information is under the supervision of the Orientation Chair, available for contact at The information will be used for tracking, organization and distribution purposes only. All information short of your

Queen’s E-Mail (if provided) will be expunged 1 month after Orientation Week. Your Queen’s E-Mail shall be added to a All-Eng mailing list for important Engineering Society updates. You can easy be removed from this list by following the instructions at the bottom of any mass e-mail to this list.

 Orientation Chair (See ‘Contact Us’ for current Orientation Chair)

Day 2: Students construct platforms out of materials obtained throughout the university district
Day 2: After rigorous safety tests, Engineering students compete alongside Nurses in various events with their platforms