The Communications Team

The Engineering Society has a full fledged Communications Team dedicated to reaching and helping students as well as alumni. Its services are available to all engineering students and groups. It has four distinct divisions, which offer a variety of services:


  • Take photos
  • Watermark photos
  • Alter and edit photos
  • Tripod and camera rental


  • Shoots video
  • Edits video
  • Tripod and video camera rental

Graphic Design:

  • Photo editing
  • Logo design
  • Poster design

Internal Records:

  • Finds archived photos
  • Finds archived information

On top of all those services, collectively the divisions have rebranded student groups looking to reinvigorate their image and communications.

If you’re interested in using the “Comm Team” or any of their services please email the Director of Communication at

*** Portfolio and work examples coming soon.