Orientation Week 2016 Feedback

Were you involved in Orientation Week 2016 as a first year or as a Plant or FREC? Let us know about your experience to help us improve future Orientation Weeks! First Year Feedback Plant and FREC Feedback

Sci’18 Science Formal Convener

Congratulations to the Sci’18 Science Formal Convener, Matt Clark! Working with the Sci Formal Chairs, Matt will organize the 2017 (Sci’18) Science Formal. With a budget of over $80,000, a year of planning, and over 600 students in attendance, Sci Formal is an incredible event and marks the culmination of 4 years of engineering at Queen’s … Read more…

2017 Engineering Orientation Chair

Congratulations to the 2017 Engineering Orientation Chair, Matt Whittle! Working with Chief FREC and the FREC Committee, Matt will organize the 2017 Engineering Orientation Week. We look forward to seeing his efforts in providing a fun and memorable week to the Sci’ 21s. Best of luck, Matt!

Summer Office Vlog #16

Does the executive know what week it is? How much does Science Quest rock? What colour did we paint clark? All these questions answered and more in the 16th episode of the EngSoc summer video series!!

Summer Office Vlog #14

Where did Tyler go? What is the executive doing? How many weeks left of summer are there? Find out in this weeks instalment of the EngSoc summer video series! For a more formal update on how the executive have been spending their time, check out the July Accountability reports