Summer Office Vlog #16

Does the executive know what week it is? How much does Science Quest rock? What colour did we paint clark? All these questions answered and more in the 16th episode of the EngSoc summer video series!!

Summer Office Vlog #14

Where did Tyler go? What is the executive doing? How many weeks left of summer are there? Find out in this weeks instalment of the EngSoc summer video series! For a more formal update on how the executive have been spending their time, check out the July Accountability reports  

Summer Office Vlog #13

Did Tyler replace Taylor and Evan? What has the executive been up to? What is the base of the paint in the Clark stairwell? IS ORIENTATION WEEK REGISTRATION OPEN?? These, and many more questions, will be answered in this video

Orientation Week Registration Page NOW OPEN

Hi Everyone! You can now register for Orientation Week by following the steps below Pre-Registration Information Make sure you do these 4 simple steps to sign up for Orientation Week to ensure that you can participate in what will likely be one of the best weeks of your life! Go to this website and login using … Read more…

Summer Office Vlog #12

Did we replace Tyler??? How have the executive been keeping busy? Why did Tyler get a haircut? This and many more questions will be answered in this weeks episode of the summer office vlog!