Summer Office Vlog #13

Did Tyler replace Taylor and Evan? What has the executive been up to? What is the base of the paint in the Clark stairwell? IS ORIENTATION WEEK REGISTRATION OPEN?? These, and many more questions, will be answered in this video

Orientation Week Registration Page NOW OPEN

Hi Everyone! You can now register for Orientation Week by following the steps below Pre-Registration Information Make sure you do these 4 simple steps to sign up for Orientation Week to ensure that you can participate in what will likely be one of the best weeks of your life! Go to this website and login using … Read more…

Summer Office Vlog #12

Did we replace Tyler??? How have the executive been keeping busy? Why did Tyler get a haircut? This and many more questions will be answered in this weeks episode of the summer office vlog!

Summer Office Vlog #11

Wondering how the exec is keeping busy? How are they working to improve the student experience for Queen’s Engineers? Check it out on Facebook because Taylor wasn’t around to put it on YouTube!

Summer Office Vlog #10

Wondering how the executive has been keeping busy this week? EXCITED TO SEE THE NEW LOUNGE LAYOUT?? Has Tyler learned what CPI stands for? Check out this episode of the executive summer vlog to answer these and other important questions

Summer Office Vlog #8

In the 8th episode of the executive summer vlog we’ll answer important questions like: “Is clark getting painted?!?!?” “what on earth have the executive been spending their time doing?!?” “why does tyler look like a business man?!?!”

Summer Office Vlog #7

What projects have the executive been working on? Are Rituals still running? How is good ol’ Pete doing? Who has more likes on instagram? Taylor or Evan? All of these questions and more will be answered in the 7th episode of Summer Office Vlog!

Summer Office Vlog #6

The Vlog is late, but we still filmed it yesterday! Here is what the Exec have been up to! (Taylor wasn’t there to put it on youtube so make sure you check it out on Facebook!)

Summer Office Vlog #5

How has the executive been spending their time this week? Will the pole be able to be repaired? Why are there still no fun hats? These questions will all be answered in the 5th instalment of the executive summer volg!!