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FREC and Plant Applications 2017

A note on eligibility: to be eligible to apply to be a FREC, you must be in your first year of Engineering (an upgrade may be in their 2nd year of University, but their 1st year of Engineering). To be eligible to apply to be a Plant, you can not have been an orientation week leader previously (this includes FREC and Plant).

If you need assistance finding a group to apply with, please email

FREC and Plant Application Overview

Group Application

Individual Application

Engineering Society Interview Guide

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Manager Application Reference Materials:

Engineering Society Head Manager Proposal Guide

Engineering Society Assistant Manager Portfolio Plan Guide

Engineers Without Borders Applications

EWB Role Descriptions

EWB National Conference Application

QCBT Co-Chair Applications

The QCBT 2018 Co-Chairs (2) will hire an exceptional executive team of students that will plan and carry out next year’s conference. They will have the opportunity to procure/plan speakers, sponsors, and events that will engage delegates around their theme of choice. They will be the representatives for the conference to EngSoc, ComSoc, the AMS, and bodies from other universities. If you have any questions about what the position entails, do not hesitate to reach out to the QCBT 2017 Co-Chairs, Nichola Trinh ( or Jason Xu (

Please download the following document and prepare a short powerpoint presentation which incorporates the questions contained within the document. This will form as the basis for your interview.

QCBT Co-Chair Application