Queen’s Formula SAE Team

jThe Queen’s Formula SAE Design and Race Team designs and builds a small Formula-style race car, to compete against hundreds of other university teams from around the world at three annual, international competitions from May to June: Formula SAE Michigan, Formula SAE Lincoln, and UofT Shootout. The car is designed and built entirely by students, and is an excellent opportunity to learn skills and knowledge beyond what is taught in classes.

The design phase exposes students to sound design principles and industry software packages used for modelling and simulation. Students gain insight into the manufacturing considerations of design, and are able to bring to life their own designs as they assemble a vehicle from the ground up. Participating members develop skills beyond the scope of a traditional engineering degree program through constant exposure to the business aspects of such an extensive project including: financial planning, sponsorship acquisition, marketing, and management; all integral to project success. The team is entirely student run and has full access to a great machine shop where 90% of the car is manufactured from scratch and the engine is tuned on a dynamometer.

All students are welcome, and anyone who contributes to the team has the chance to drive the car. It is not only one of the most exciting and educational, but fastest of the design teams at Queen’s.

Contact Information

e-mail: formula@me.queensu.ca
Website: qfsae.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/queensformula  
Twitter: @QueensFormula
Phone: 613-533-6000 ext 75528
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Rival