Queen’s Bridge Building Team


The Queen’s University Bridge Building Team challenges each year in the Troitsky Bridge Building Competition, an event that has been hosted annually in Montreal since 1961. This independently student run team oversees the design, planning, and building of the bridges in small student run groups. The bridges themselves are built from popsicle sticks, floss, and glue. You played with LEGOs as a kid and you think you know a thing or two about bridges, so this sounds pretty easy, right? Wrong. These 1 meter long bridges hold up to 4 Tonnes, which is the weight of 2 cars. Various other design constraints and restrictions only increase the challenge. Skills learned on the team include project management, solid mechanics,  teamwork, woodworking, multitasking, technical report writing, software analysis, timber design, construction management, and material properties analysis.

Think you have what it takes? Interested new members are encouraged to check us out in September at our open house. All disciplines are encouraged!

Contact Information

e-mail: bridge@engsoc.queensu.ca
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Colin MacDougall