Queen’s SAE Aero Design Team

Team LogoThe Queen’s Aero Design Team competes in the international SAE Aero Design Competition, held annually each spring in the United States. The team builds one or two small scale remote control aircraft, which aim to accomplish several goals, including highest payload fraction (smallest plane, biggest load), accuracy in dropping a payload onto a target, and largest payload carried. New aircraft are designed and built each year using a variety of design software and techniques, and then constructed in shop.

Skills learned on the team include software such as SolidWorks and XFLR55, construction including laser cutting, monokoting, and shop skills, as well as the iterative design process, technical report writing, presentation, project management, group work, time management, and communication.

All disciplines and faculties are welcome to join the team, and of course, no experience is required. Come check us out! If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact us, or drop by BMH 115.


Contact Information

e-mail: aero@engsoc.queensu.ca
website: http://qadt.ca
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gene Zak